Kirk Bradford
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My name is Kirk Bradford. My life's motto is, "Stay Curious."  I appreciate you stopping by either curious about hiring me, wanting to learn more about me or stalking my social media and ending up here.

The long and short of where I am today started about twenty years ago. From 2000 - 2016, I worked in sales and marketing. Starting out as a setter and closer. I grew into team leading, lead brokering, and management writing marketing material. Making six figures selling investment coaching and mentoring packages for Trump Institute, Al Lowry, or Robert Kiyosaki.

I laughed at the money and time a college degree would "cost" (I now say, "require") as I felt confident I was on the right track being bought dinner and expensive wine on a Friday night with other marketers by Robert Shemin. You may read my brief bio by clicking on over to my about page above next to "blog" or by clicking more on my website pages list. 

I provide ghostwriting, marketing content, as well as website content. I charge 8 cents per/word. For technical content, 8 - 15 cents per/word depending on the subject. (Something like a dental blog is going to be 8 cents where AR technology is going to be 15.) Any other questions, just ask. 

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What people are saying about my writing.

Joeseph Chan

"Kirk’s service is great. Translating my military career into a resume made me uneasy. Kirk got it done in 4 days and I had 4 interviews lined up within a week. He exceeded my expectations and after spending countless hours trying to use templates that would never format quite right. Kirk sent me three different versions of my resume so I wouldn’t get upsold down the road. Something I didn’t think of. I have since referred multiple friends to him. Thank you Kirk! For helping with what I wanted and stuff I didn’t know about.."

Morgan Broadhead

"Kirk is absolutely amazing once you get past his bluntness and profanity. He was so nice and helpful every step of the way. I gave him information about my home hair salon and what I wanted for my website. I published it on Monday and I've already received 10 phone calls this week and its only Thursday. He included two free ghostwritten, a term I didn’t know, blogs for my website and three posts for social media. He was honest about his intention to use them to generate more work. They work and for the price of a couple cuts or a color each week I can focus on what I like to do. Great worth for the money. Thank you immensely!!"

Annie Balstead

"I've been working on a book for two years now and I didn’t like certain parts. As a teacher, I was apprehensive because I don’t earn a lot of money. Kirk told me the costs and asked my budget. He told me how much and what he could commit to edit but only after I called at least five other places. I have been a part of so many academic transformations of young people that had become stuck or frustrated that I was shocked how cut throat and mean the publishing world is and all the scammers. I called Kirk back and he kept his word. Two weeks later, I got my 81,300 word book back with a letter count of about 81,500 and was furious I’d been ripped off and messaged him. He said to read it and I did. He had not only changed the parts I didn’t like but had done the major edits on the whole book and added places for me to expand. It’s almost completed and am so grateful he helped a poor teacher like me. "

William Genfri

"My wife and I have used Kirk for almost a year now. From marketing blogs, website content, and even the occasional monthly newsletter. We were introduced to Kirk when my wife needed to care for her mother and had been the one primarily writing material for my dental practice. Kirk was referred to us by a client of ours who is also an oral surgeon Kirk had been providing oral surgery related blog material for about three months at that time. Kirk is professional, timely, and fun to have create the material because he can take a subject like the Kilroy Spring and make it interesting. Which was the example blog he sent us that made me wife laugh and say he will be perfect.